Why start blogging#

Learning new skills and improving existing skills was and still is important, and especially communication and planning skills are in higher demand than ever. These skills aren’t learned and mastered overnights which also came to light in conversations with different software and infrastructure engineers as they were looking on where and how to make their next step in their career.

One option is to make it part of a development plan to get training and coaching, but this requires that you already have a clear goal. A second option is to start developing yourself to the point where you know what you want or others see a path for you. This seems to be a daunting task but in the current day and age may be easier than ever before.

Inexpensive courses on any topic can be found on known video streaming sites for free or for about 10 USD on some online-education sites. These courses can teach you anything from coding in Python or Java to become a better technical writer or making presentations to look fantastic. The online thing these courses can’t teach you is to master the course material as that takes time and some say up to 10.000 hours, but at least you should apply the knowledge to really understand it.

Starting a blog can help you with this as it teaches you so many things like writing understandable articles for strangers to read and finding out what really works in the end. If done correctly and long enough this can also help to become an authority in your field and help others to make better decisions. While blogging has its ups and downs over the years, a lot of useful blogs exist from how to do data governance, running your business, optimizing code, or explaining concepts in a simple form.

While I’m already writing for other sites, I’m following my own advice to blog as well from a more personal point of view. The other writings are especially more technical instead of telling a story. Lets see how this journey goes and if I can keep up with my own advice but also it inspires others to join this journey on better expressing yourself in writing.